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Deja August Style Fashion Blog

A big welcome to my holiday special! As usual, COVID19 is playing havoc with normal life. A holiday abroad is like playing Russian roulette as all those who are in Spain at the moment (or have booked to go) are finding out. And with more countries being added to the must quarantine list every day, it…

Deja Style Summer Fashion

At last, we have some good news! Pubs and restaurants reopened on 4 July! Time, ladies to ditch the lounge wear and go for something a bit more sophisticated. Okay, maybe not a full length floaty silk and chiffon number with diamond earrings just yet, but definitely an excuse for some serious retail therapy. In…

Deja Style June Fashion

Is there no end to lockdown misery we all cry? Still no hairdressers, no beauty salons, we have all had to make do with some very amateur efforts in those departments, including my friend who accidentally shaved off her left eyebrow with a bikini line trimmer! But maybe there is a little light at the…

Deja Style May Update

As I write my latest fashion blog, we are almost 40 days in lockdown with only a few signs of possible escape routes. What are we missing most? I would love you to say shopping for new clothes, but even with my natural bias towards fashion, I can see that your hairdresser, closely followed by…

Deja Style Spring News

Looking back at my last blog when I was bemoaning about the state of the high street and having a car park dismantled and rebuilt in front of my shop window, I honestly thought that nothing else could go wrong. Added to the fact that spring is my favourite season and confidence that my new…

DejaStyle News – March 2020

Welcome to the first edition of DejaStyle News – can you believe our little shop with the big personality will be celebrating its 3rd anniversary this March! Dedicated to sourcing clothes that make you feel and look beautiful, we pride ourselves on selecting natural fabrics such as linen, silk, and cottons that keep you both…

Cotton Jersey Batwing Tunic

Cotton Jersey Batwing Tunic Top in other colours too.Light grey, baby pink, scarlet, navy or black.£39.50

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