About Us

About DEJA!

Shopping for clothes should be a joyful experience. At DEJA! we understand that each of us is individual and some of you may have lost that loving feeling and confidence when choosing the right outfit. At DEJA! we are all about making the choosing fun again. We understand fabric and the cut that go together to make our clothes look and feel great. Providing affordable fashion for all, in Horsham and beyond.

Our fashion styles go from 'funky' to 'classic' and any look in-between and our sizes range from 12-26. We understand each of us are individual and we are passionate about working with you to get 'the DEJA! style' that is perfect for you.

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A little shop with huge personality

From jackets and dresses to handbags and jewellery, DEJA! stock a fantastic range of clothing suitable for you - all with the DEJA! Style. If you’d like to find out more before committing to a purchase, please get in touch with Angie today. You can also visit our fabulous shop at 6 Park Place, Horsham and have a cuppa and a lovely chat.

Our Principles

  • Where possible we only source labels made from natural fabric

  • We’re about 'attiitude' NOT a size

  • We offer good, old fashioned cutstomer service without the fuss

  • Focusing on quality, affordable fashion can be fun for all

  • To guide you in choosing the style that is right for you