New Collections From Deja Style

I am, to use an old cliche, absolutely over the moon to be opening at last! When you think about it, it is a ridiculous infringement of our civil liberties, but these are strange times. Hopefully with a vaccine on the horizon we can see an end to the COVID-19 nightmare.

During December I will be opening seven days a week until Christmas Eve so I hope you will all pop in for your Christmas shopping and festive outfits.

Well Ladies, I have been like a mad woman, credit card in hand shopping for England (you, actually). The result is that the shop is like a veritable Aladdin’s cave bursting with wonderful clothes and accessories. I have had to purloin an additional rail to house them all! I am like a child with new toys ridiculously excited to be able to show you my full range of goodies.

From elegant gloves to bright coloured berets to warm hats with enormous pom-poms, I have everything you could need to keep you warm and toasty. They also would make wonderful gifts for the lovely ladies in your lives. If hats are not her thing, then you cannot go wrong with a bag or purse. I have totes with stars, handbags in an array of sizes and colours and delightful purses, my favourite being a striking animal print.

Talking of animal prints I have sold (click and collect of course) scores of stunning scarves featuring this popular pattern in yellows, reds and bronze. My customers cannot get enough of them. And of course, for the perfect finishing touches you cannot beat a bit of bling in the form of spectacular costume jewellery – I stock a full range of necklaces, bracelets and earrings to complement your Christmas outfits or to make the perfect Christmas present for a lucky lady.

If like me you are getting in shape for Christmas (I do have video evidence to support this claim!), then you will need some decent workout gear. Okay, perhaps not skin tight Lycra – I am not quite there yet, but oversized hoodies do a great job and mine are super stylish as well as functional. Funnily enough, they are equally as comfortable to wear snuggled up on the sofa in front of the fire watching the latest box set.

Is it me or is there a definite chill in the air? Good job I have stocked up on warm, stylish coats – from faux fur to boiled wool to waterproofed quilts, I have something to meet your needs. And of course, the cold means lots of lovely layers; not only do they keep you warm but they add style and panache to create stunning looks for every occasion. There is nothing I like more than a bit of layering as shown by these beautiful combinations.

And finally – everybody deserves a new outfit for Christmas Day. We have had so few occasions to dress up this year that it would be a crime not to wear something that makes you look and feel amazing. Whether you prefer a dress or a tunic over trousers, my new own brand trousers in dark claret look delectable by the way, or a sparkly jumper come to ‘Gok Ange’, who will happily get you sorted. I have ordered plenty of Christmas fizz – and not just for Saturdays so pop in to say hello and we will happily raise a glass or two!

Wishing all my customers a wonderful Christmas and dare I say it, a happy COVID free New Year!

Love Angie