Deja Style May Update

As I write my latest fashion blog, we are almost 40 days in lockdown with only a few signs of possible escape routes. What are we missing most? I would love you to say shopping for new clothes, but even with my natural bias towards fashion, I can see that your hairdresser, closely followed by your beauty therapist will pip me at the post!

I have taken to wearing a bandana around my head to cover the devastation caused by untreated roots and as for unwanted hair, I am craving a wax treatment like a drug addict craves his latest fix! As for toes, don”t even go there – such a shame when this lovely weather cries out for sandals and flip flops…

I am, however, optimistic that my little shop may be able to open soon – even as early as mid-May. It seems likely that trying on new clothes will not be allowed in the shop itself, but it will still be nice to be able to feel the fabrics and to put together individual pieces and accessories to create a stunning new look. As we will still be practising social distancing, I will be able to only allow one customer at a time.

What is trending at the moment – loungewear is big as you would expect – I hope you are all making good use of your star sweatshirts and tees – I know I don mine for my online morning Zumba session.

The other item making fashion headlines is the midi dress, whilst maxis are brilliant if you are tall, they are no good for shortarses like me. As for mini’s definitely a no-no – on my teenage daughter perhaps but for most of us, even with social distancing, we wouldn’t want to frighten the bin men!

The Midi is the perfect choice for the vast majority of ladies. Last year, big sleeves and round collars were the trends, as were frills and flounces, not a look I particularly went for. This year the look is simpler – the ‘easy-breezy’ dress as they have been christened by the fashion press (my longstanding customers will remember the easy-breezy shorts from TS!).

The look is much more stripped back with no fussy add ons – more emphasis therefore on the quality of the fabric, the colour and the cut. A good shape in terms of comfort and fit is a loose tiered style, or why not go for a dress cut on the bias? I have some lovely v-neck linen dresses from a new supplier which are beautifully cut to flatter the figure and come in some spectacular colours – think orange and raspberry!

My own label bengaline trousers and capris are selling well, I am currently having them made up in teal (the new season’s colour) and white (back by popular request). My lovely machinist Lyndsey is also doing her bit for Queen and Country making swabs for the NHS.

And finally, thank you so much for sending me your selfies dressed in your favourite Deja outfits – I had such a big response from you all and everyone I received brightened up my day. I really found it hard to pick a winner – you are all winners as far as I am concerned but after much consideration, I am awarding the Deja Voucher to Gail Pickles and Julienne with a joint first prize.

I ran this promotion for a bit of fun to give us all a much-needed break from the tedium of lockdown but it also proved to be a good market research exercise for me as it was very useful in showing me the outfits and combinations that YOU particularly loved and that you most enjoyed wearing. So a big thanks, ladies.

Enough for now – join me again for my June Blog where we will be looking at what constitutes an ideal capsule wardrobe.